What are Anxiety Wristbands?

Hi And thanks for landing on my website. I suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and one of the main symptoms I have to deal with is flashbacks. These are totally individual to the sufferer and can range from audio, visual, touch or even smell. I have always been told to use grounding techniques in order to try and keep me in the here and now and know that I am safe.

Anxiety Wristband

Personally I find that using my touch is a good way to help ground me and so I took to the internet to look for some kind of wristband I can wear all the time that had some kind of pattern on it so that I could feel different textures. I looked online and couldn’t find anything and so I came up with the idea of doing it myself.


I passed it by a few friends within the mental health community and everyone seemed to think it was a good idea and so I decided to just do it. Initially it was going to be for the reason I would use it; as a flashback grounding bracelet, but others started to say they would use it for their difficulties and so I decided to widen it to an anxiety wristband.

The wristband says ‘You Are Safe’ and this is what I wanted to get across when I came up with the idea; that in the moment of a panic attack, flashback or any other difficult time, it is a reminder that you are safe and o.k. It won’t take things away or miraculously make your problems disappear, but I hope it will give you some kind of comfort during difficult times.

Each wristband costs £3.99 and a donation from every sale will be given to the charity of your choice from the 4 nominated charities; Mind, Rape Crisis, Anxiety UK and Combat Stress. The wristband is made of 100% silicone and the lettering is the same colour as the band to keep it discreet if this is what you want.

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